Some Easy Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Post pregnancy weight loss isn't easy; most women will attest to that! There are many different factors working against you such as stress, sleep deprivation, weird cravings, no time to exercise, and no thought given to what you're eating. In order to achieve your after pregnancy weight loss, it's necessary to make some lifestyle changes. Fortunately, these changes aren't going to be hard to make to your life and can even do things like promote bonding between yourself and your baby.

Learn to Cook Healthy and Fast!

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Yes, despite all claims to the contrary, it is possible to eat healthy and fast. It's time for the fast food industry to take a backseat! The trick is to find good veggie heavy recipes that can be done in under twenty minutes and can be easily doubled then frozen so that you cook the other half of your dinner later. Opt for things like stir fries, casseroles that can be frozen and reheated when you're too tired to think straight, and invest in a good slow cooker for roasts! Surprisingly, once you get into the swing of cooking on the run and still healthy, it's easy to continue.

Your Infant Can Go With You

There is a prevailing theory that babies are fragile and should not be allowed out of the house. Actually, this far from true. While for the first week or two it is a good idea to keep baby close to home, so long as it's not the dead of a northern winter, you can take baby out for walks. Infants respond well to things like sunshine and fresh air and you can join some exercise groups specifically geared for mommies and their babies where the baby is incorporated into the exercising. Exercising with your baby not only lets you do natural weight loss but also promotes bonding.

Drink Your Water

Drinking water is easy and drinking about two litres a day can really promote weight loss. Water helps you stay hydrated, keeps you full between meals, helps you flush toxins from your body and generally helps in overall health maintenance and post pregnancy weight loss.

Don't 'Diet'

You shouldn't be considering your after pregnancy weight loss goals to be a 'diet', but rather a lifestyle change. A diet implies things like deprivation, hard exercise, and calorie monitoring-in other words, added stress! Instead of trying to follow a set diet or weight loss product program, it's more important to eat healthily and don't dip below 1800 calories a day. There are sites with specialized food plans for breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding moms if you need some guidelines, but always keep the health of yourself and your new baby in mind first.

Ask for Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Ask for a trusted friend or a family member to watch the baby while you get some sleep, take some time to relax or start exercising on your own. Relaxation is important to after pregnancy weight loss because it reduces the levels of cortisol which also helps you lose weight. You would be surprised at how many people will be willing to watch your little bundle while you get some much needed R&R.

A few lifestyle tweaks is important for successful post pregnancy weight loss. They may take some getting used to, but they are not only beneficial for losing weight, they are good for all aspects of your life. Try at least a few of these things for yourself and see the difference to your weight loss after pregnancy plan for yourself.

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