Weight Loss Secrets: 3 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

"I walked into a room of people for the first time and my first thought was... Am I the biggest person here? This thought was never far from my mind whenever I was in public. Actually I hated being in public because I felt ashamed and embarrassed about my size and weight."

Can you relate to my story? Have you ever had the same thought? If so, read on...

I used to be 30 kgs (67lbs) overweight; I struggled desperately for over 6 years before I found the secrets to permanent weight loss. It's one thing to lose weight, but the million-dollar question is how to keep it off?

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I have been my ideal weight for over 20 years now because of these 5 tips that I will share with you, so I know you can do it too. These tips may be against everything you have ever heard or read about weight loss, so I ask you to please, please do your best to stay open to the idea that weight loss doesn't have to be hard. Please give yourself the chance to consider another point of view, it may just change your life and weight forever.

3 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

1.Stop Dieting

Yes, you read it right, stop dieting. The day I gave up dieting was the day my weight literally started to drop off me. You see, the diet mentality is a High Sacrifice mentality and it isn't sustainable. You just can't maintain the willpower or motivation to stick with it; I know I can't and I'm a motivation expert.

Instead, look at your diet and decide what is one treat you eat that you could live without. This is the Low Sacrifice approach. I used to eat potato chippies (chips) just because they were in the house. So what I did was just cut chippies out, with ease, because I didn't really have to eat them. For me, I love chocolate and I can't live without it, so I have some every day. This is a High Sacrifice food for me. What that means is, I would feel very deprived if I had to live without it on a regular basis. So continue to cut out Low Sacrifice treats but allow yourself a High Sacrifice one and you will start to feel more powerful over your food choices.

2. Take the Whip out of your Hand

Your Inner Game creates your Outer Game. So if you what to change your physical body (outer game) you first need to change your Inner Game, your mindsets and beliefs.

You see, what you believe, think and feel actually determines what your weight is. So if you want to change your weight you first need to change your Inner Game, your beliefs mindsets to create the weight loss in the Outer Game.

The first step to changing your Inner Game is to be aware of what you are thinking and saying to yourself. When you start being aware of what you say to yourself, you will discover that your beliefs, mindsets and thoughts are probably not supporting you to lose weight. In fact, they are probably helping to keep your weight on.

Let me give you an example. One of the biggest issues with carrying weight is the way in which you treat and speak to yourself. I remember some of the horrible, abusive ways in which I used to talk to myself when I was overweight. I would say things like "you no good fat so and so". And I notice this with all of our students too; they all have horrible, even nasty, names for themselves.

Calling yourself a big fat lard arse isn't going to inspire weight loss. In fact, it's actually keeping you stuck at the weight you are or, even worse, it's supporting you to put on even more weight. So stop beating yourself up; take the whip out of your hand. Start being kind to yourself because if you don't, no one else will either. So when you notice unsupportive beliefs and thoughts, cut them off, stop saying them even to yourself.

3. Small Steps

The key with weight loss is doing lots of little things that can make a difference to your waistline. What I mean by that is, if you start to see weight loss as a lifestyle choice and not a life sentence, then everyday you can do something small to create a more supportive lifestyle that will also reduce your weight.

I mentioned taking out Low Sacrifice treats before and that's one way to reduce your weight with ease. Another step you could take is what I call, Slim Speed™.

What this means is you walk faster, move quicker and put more effort into your everyday activity. You will be amazed how many calories you can burn! I have a friend in Demark who is a very similar size to myself and all the exercise she does is incidental, like vacuuming the house with Slim Speed™. The main aim is to get started, just take small steps towards your weight loss efforts; it all adds up.

This is a bonus tip: move at Slim Speed™.

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