A Simple Weight Loss System

Looking for a weight loss system to help you get fit and lose weight? Many of the diet and exercise products on the market seem complicated and difficult to follow. The truth is; you don't need a complex regimen of pills and powders, workout gear or machines. Read on to learn what kind of a simple weight loss system can get you the results you desire.

A simple weight loss system consists of three key components. One is diet, the second is exercise, and the third is lifestyle. Each of these is equally important to the successful implementation of your system.

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A low-fat, low-calorie diet rich in complex carbohydrates, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy is the wisdom behind a simple program. No pills or meal replacers; just whole foods rich in fiber, fruit in season full of nutrients, fiber and anti-oxidants and lean protein in the form of meat, whole grains and low-fat dairy. There is no real secret to a simple healthy diet. Whole foods are best. Eliminate refined carbs, sugars and refined grains. Count calories and be sure to burn more than you take in daily.


Adding moderate to vigorous exercise as a part of your weight loss system is another key to successfully losing weight. Cardio (aerobic) exercise for an hour at least three times a week converts fat to muscle and allows your body to burn fat and calories for hours after you finish your workout. You don't need complicated equipment, you only need to move. Brisk walking, dancing, swimming and cycling are great whole body workouts. Once you are seeing results from this exercise portion of your system you can add resistance and strength training to build more muscle tissue for additional fat burning capability.


Lifestyle is one of the reasons that your weight loss system will succeed or fail. If you work on the diet and exercise components but do not make the lifestyle changes, you may lose weight, but you risk gaining it back. If you plan to continue a healthy lifestyle and work your program on an ongoing basis to keep the weight off; you must change your habits, and eliminate the issues and poor eating that caused the weight gain in the first place. No system is complete without re-training the individual how to relate to food in a healthy way, and how to change poor eating habits to healthy ones. Every emotional eater or mad late-night snack fiend knows that these habits are hard to break; but if you want your program to work, you must break them. Replace bad habits with good ones; and your weight loss system will give you lasting success and the weight will stay off.

So while it may not be easy, following a weight loss system can be relatively simple. With a commitment from you to work on diet, exercise and lifestyle, you can have great long-lasting results.

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