Defeat and Conquer Your Weight Loss Plateau

So you proudly joined a new diet program and for the first few weeks everything's going great and your successfully dropping the extra weight. After all that hard work though, you seem to be stuck. Most people, if not all, lose weight rapidly at the beginning of their diet program partly because their body is not used to the change. But the truth is most diet programs are usually designed to offer a quick and rapid weight loss. It's too bad however this 'rapid weight loss' is almost always temporary.

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So now you've been eating the same foods and doing the same exercises repeatedly and during that time everything seems to be going great. Your body has now adapted to this new strenuous and healthy routine of diet and exercise. After that it will seem as if you fail to bring significant results of weight loss with the routine that had seemed to work so well.

You will lose weight at a much faster rate in the beginning of your diet. After the initial shock to your body it will adapt and the weight loss will begin to slow down. Sometimes your weight doesn't seem to go down at all! This situation you find yourself in at this point is your weight loss plateau. A complete change of your lifestyle habits can sometimes be the only fix to get you back on the fast track. Weight loss plateau can be extremely frustrating. You just have to hunker down and fight through.

In an attempt to combat weight loss plateau people will start "calorie counting". This is where in an attempt to limit your calorie intake per day you keep a count of your calories for each meal. I wouldn't recommend calorie counting however, because normally people just can't seem to do it correctly. They take it to the extreme and bring their calories to the lowest point possible and usually lower. If you don't feed your body the calories it needs it has no reason to increase its metabolic rate. With little calories to burn your metabolic rate will never reach its maximum potential, definitely slowing down your weight loss results.

It's simple, you need to forget about calorie counting in order to successfully burn the fat and lose weight. Make sure you eat more not less. Don't go eating more in one sitting though! Space your meals throughout the day. Try eating something every 3 hours that you are awake. Have more meals but smaller portions. This works for everyone and is the foundation of serious weight loss!

Next I'll suggest something you won't be surprised by, exercise more! If you truly want to lose weight then you need to exercise. Not just light exercise either. You need to push yourself as much as possible. For maximum results this should be done daily. A high intensity workout can be extremely beneficial for the heart, the body, and the mind. Try it out you will learn to love it.

Just remember that all that hard work will pay off. With consistency and dedication you can get rid of those unwanted pounds and easily conquer your weight loss plateau!

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