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You may have heard us say it before and this won't be the last time. Diet and exercise are incredibly important to a healthy life. For many, however, diet and exercise don't work for creating successful, long-term weight loss because many imbalances within your body can cause weight gain and retention. An imbalance is defined as, "the body being out of equilibrium or out of proportion". In this case, a certain process, hormone or element important to your body's function is not working properly. Thus, it is causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. The reason diet and exercise often don't work for weight loss is because, while they do promote total body health, they are typically not targeted enough to address the specific imbalances keeping you fat.

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The Problem With Diet and Exercise
Think back to a time when you were able to lose a couple pounds by eating a certain way or exercising like a banshee. It worked, but it probably didn't last. Could you live your entire life on that diet or exercise routine? For 99 percent of people, the answer is no! This is because the imbalances make it very hard to do so. They can cause your body to store excess fat, they can cause you to overeat, they can even cause you to constantly rest so your body can use the energy elsewhere. In today's society, we are very quick to call this laziness, but rest assured - no pun intended - many times this is what your body is telling you to do not a conscious choice. The bottom line is that imbalances can cause weight gain while preventing weight loss and trying to fight them with diet and exercise has proven to be a losing battle.

Imbalances at Work
Imbalances that could prevent diet and exercise from helping you lose weight include insomnia, hormonal issues, poor digestion, Candida, stress, bacteria, viral infections, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, heavy metal toxicity and so many more. As I mentioned previously, diet and exercise do promote full body health and may positively impact these issues, but in our experience, they are not able to balance them in a way that ensures lasting weight loss.

At this point, you may be thinking, "That's fine, because I don't have any of those imbalances", but the truth is that so many people have no idea that they do have them. For instance, symptoms of imbalances that may prevent weight loss could include everything from cold hands and feet, to trouble sleeping, feeling tired during the day, heart burn, aches and pains, low sex drive, short-term memory loss, issues with blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure, allergies, migraines, low energy levels, thinning hair, stress and cravings for sugar, bread or salty foods, just to name a few.

Many of these imbalances are caused by the widespread use of chemicals, food additives and poor food choices that so many people are exposed to. They can also be caused by everyday events like lack of sleep or a stressful life. An overwhelming percentage of our population walks around suffering from these imbalances and do nothing about it. The reason is because they see so many other people suffering and doing the same thing. This is exactly why two in three Americans are overweight and why diet and exercise don't work for weight loss.

The Unfortunate Reality
Many people view these problems as just a fact of life or an unlucky situation when in reality they are probably preventable. People do not realize that these imbalances are making weight loss seem impossible and, if left unaddressed, many can lead to much more serious problems. For instance, poor digestion, can lead to excess fat, but it has also been linked to cancer and a host of other diseases. The excess fat caused by the poor digestion has, in turn, been proven to raise the risk for cancer, type II diabetes and heart disease. This can cause a brutal cycle in which one imbalance continually causes others, throwing your body's entire network completely out of whack.

So are you still surprised to hear that diet and exercise don't always work for weight loss? Typically poor diet, lack of exercise and consistent exposure to degraded foods as well as chemicals over the course of many years can cause these issues. When a person is plagued by imbalances, they find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but even if they could, it probably wouldn't yield lasting weight loss.

It is reasonable to believe that if people correct the imbalances causing the excess fat, then they may be able to achieve lasting weight loss. This has been found to increase energy levels and motivation as well as reduce pain, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, normalize blood sugar and improve overall health. Once these imbalances are discovered and dealt with, it is important for the individual to find an enjoyable exercise routine and eat a beneficial diet to maintain their body's balance. Thus, let me revise my earlier statement. "Diet and exercise are great for maintaining a healthy and balanced body, but often do not work for weight loss." So don't be so quick to turn down the dead-end road of a lackluster diet and excruciating exercise routine. Find the imbalances that are preventing weight loss for you and start there.

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