Top 5 Obstacles to Weight Loss

If one looks down and the scale appears to be stuck, then more likely than not a consistent dieter is facing certain obstacles to weight loss. This experience is particularly common in dieters who have already lost a significant amount of weight - but still have some more to go - and yet cannot seem to break away from what is called a weight loss plateau. Without them even knowing it, they have taken up particular habits and developed certain behavior that are actually damaging their weight loss and fitness goals, according to many experts on dieting and weight loss. These are the ten main culprits behind the woes of a dieter hitting a weight loss plateau and not seeing the results that they desire.

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Although spreading light snacks throughout the day may help a dieter optimize their metabolism and keep their hunger pangs at bay, many people are unable to keep their noshing in check and end up with more aggregate calories consumed at the end of the day. The reason why grazing is one of the obstacles to weight loss is because many people tend to be unaware of what and how much they eat and how many calories they are consuming-which is likely to add up. Keeping a food journal can help a person be more aware of what and how much they eat so that they can develop healthier eating habits.

Losing weight is both a matter of healthy eating coupled with improved physical activity. To shed and keep of the pounds, suffice to say, would require more effort than the average person is usually accustomed to. This is why effective and healthy weight really depends on positive lifestyle changes, starting with moving more. To actually see the results a person has to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, four days a week. One of biggest obstacles to weight loss is lethargy, and unless exercise becomes a vital part of one's lifestyle their chances of becoming healthier and reaching their ideal weight is bleak.

Just because its fluid, comes in a dainty bottle, and can be consumed using a straw, doesn't mean it's healthy. A way to sabotage one's weight loss plan is to indulge in high-calorie drinks such as fruit juices, carbonated beverages, vitamin waters, gourmet coffee drinks, alcoholic concoctions and sweetened ice teas. It might surprise many dieters to know that many so-called protein shakes and smoothies are not healthy. Water is always the best choice, and low-calorie drinks better alternatives.

Dieters shouldn't get fooled by packaging and advertising. Just because an item boasts low in fat, doesn't mean it's also low in calories. Reading labels carefully is a cardinal rule for all healthy eaters.

In any fruitful undertaking, there are both rewards and challenges. But after a strenuous workout, the worst mistake a person can ever do is to go hog wild and reward themselves by indulging on unhealthy food cravings to the hilt. That's the surest way of offsetting the weight loss advantage one might have gotten from burning the calories during their exercise session. 'Cheat days,' in addition, can also mean non-food rewards that aren't obstacles to weight loss such as shopping or a massage.

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