The Benefits Of Keeping a Diary of Weight Loss Foods

Keeping a daily diary of weight loss foods is one of the best ways to keep ourselves on track to achieve our weight loss goals. Why is this so effective and how do we go about keeping a weight loss diary?

Below are 4 helpful tips that explain the importance of a diary, and why it works so effectively with any dieting programmes

Weight Loss Food Diary Tip #1 - A Detailed Account

A weight loss food diary gives us a detailed account of everything we have been doing since we began our dieting programme such as what we have been eating and drinking. We can either use an actual diary or even a simple note-book.

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To begin with, we should write down our starting weight, our goal weight and our bust, hip, thigh, calves and upper arm measurements. Next we should write a detailed daily plan to follow. We should list which foods we will eat, how many calories we will consume and how much time we will dedicate to exercise each day.

Every day we should list everything that we eat and drink, keeping a running total for the day to ensure that we remain firmly within our daily calorie allowance. We should also write down any exercise sessions that we perform each day, how much and for how long.

If we do this we have the information at hand so that we can look back at any time to see how we are progressing.

Weight Loss Food Diary Tip #2 - Keeping On Track

It is easy to see how keeping our diary will keep us on track. If we know that we have to list everything that we eat and drink, there is less chance of us mindlessly going back to eating sweets and junk food and jeopardising our dieting goals.

If we keep a food and exercise diary it will prevent us from convincing ourselves that we are sticking to our weight loss programme, even if we know that we are not. Once we have it written in black and white, we cannot dispute the truth.

Weight Loss Food Diary Tip #3 - Promoting Motivation

As we keep a detailed record of our progress in our diary, we will notice a motivation boost. We will begin to see a distinct connection between what we eat, how much we exercise and the numbers on the scales. We should also keep re-measuring our body every month or two and record these too. It is so encouraging when we see the inches melting away, which inspires more motivation. If we start to feel frustrated or impatient about our progress, we can look back through our diary and make ourselves feel better when we see how well we have done so far.

Weight Loss Food Diary Tip #4 - An Emotional Release

Finally, we can use our diet food diary as a release mechanism for any turbulent emotions. Anytime we are feeling frustrated, angry, upset or anxious and are tempted to eat something fattening to soothe these emotions, we should use writing in our diary as a release instead. Make a note of what caused the turmoil and what effect it has had on the way we feel. We should keep writing until we have purged all the negative emotions and we feel calmer and in control, and we will also notice that our food cravings will have subsided too.

A dieting food diary can be a useful tool while we are losing weight. It can help to keep us motivated, cheer us when we are down and give us a visible record of progress and help us to think positively if we find that we are struggling.

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