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If you've been struggling and failing to lose weight on your own, you may be considering one of the hundreds of weight loss products on the shelves of your local drugstore. It is difficult to know what type of supplements or products to buy, as each product claims to be the best and the most effective weight loss product on the market. We will examine some different products and supplements to help you decide.

Meal Replacement

This is the most popular of the weight loss products on the market so we will look at it first. A meal replacement can be in the form of a shake, a mix, or a snack bar and is designed to replace a meal once or twice per day. This product should contain approximately 1/3 of the daily caloric and nutritional requirements for your diet. These products are convenient and easy to prepare and use. They also come in low-carb or high protein options.

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Workout DVD's with Meal Plan

This is another of the very popular weight loss products. This takes more time and effort on your part, but a workout DVD is much like having your own personal trainer available (at a much lower price) and is also convenient as you can do it in your own home without the expense of a gym membership. The down side of these weight loss products is the lack of accountability and support which carries the risk of giving up and getting discouraged, falling back into poor eating and exercise habits.

Appetite Suppressants and Other Supplements

These weight loss products carry inherent risks in that they are largely unregulated, and there is not always reliable data on their use. Appetite suppressants trick your body into feeling full and will help you to lose weight while you are using them but once you stop you risk gaining the weight back (and more); as you have never really addressed the reasons why you gained the weight in the first place. Poor eating habits must be corrected for these products to have lasting results.

Fat Burner Supplements

These types of weight loss products are also unregulated and many of them make outlandish claims about you being able to burn fat while you sleep. The main ingredients in these types of products can have harmful side effects to your heart, liver and digestive system. Consult a medical professional before beginning a regimen of fat burning supplements as their active ingredients can cause high blood pressure or have negative interactions with other prescription drugs you may be taking.

Do your homework and make an informed decision regarding the use of any weight loss products. Take into consideration your overall health and dietary needs, and get the advice of your physician to protect your health and avoid adverse effects.


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