A Weight Loss Challenge Provides Multiple Benefits To Support Healthy Weight Loss For A Small Fee

The Weight Loss Challenge is a popular event that has helped millions around the world to learn healthy habits that support ideal weight. In the crowded market of weight management products and services the WLC offers multiple benefits for a very small fee.

The concept of losing weight is pretty simple: Eat fewer calories than you burn. It's when you go past theory to real life that you run into problems. This is where the benefits of the Weight Loss Challenge really shine.

Let me first tell you about the WLC. It's a twelve week competitive event similar to the popular "biggest loser" TV series. Participants pay a small fee, usually $35, to opt-in to a weekly course that includes lessons, accountability, weekly rewards, peer support and the shot at a cash prize.

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$10 of the entry fee goes to charity. Participants can choose a local charity to benefit. The balance goes into a "jackpot" that will be awarded to the "biggest loser" at the end of the competition. Results are judged on a percentage of weight loss to make it fair for everyone.

From Theory To Reality...

I mentioned getting past the theory of weight loss, which is simple, to the reality of weight management, which is tough enough that it has spawned one of the top industries in the world. The WLC provides education along with other key psychological support that promote a successful experience.

The Right Information...

Materials in the Challenge are based on world-renowned weight management professionals, including doctors and nutritionalists with rock-solid credentials. No fads or gimmicks. The information received at the WLC is work-a-day designed to get healthy, lasting results.


The weekly weigh-in and measure session creates accountability to motivate and helps you track your progress and make adjustments.


Support in the Challenge comes in two different forms: Like minded peers who are on the same journey you are and a personal coach to help you understand your individual needs and overcome your particular challenges.


Remember the jackpot I mentioned? Fun is a major part of getting you excited about the challenge of losing weight. Each week there are be prizes for top losers and games to help drive home the concepts that will create the lasting change that promotes long-term weight management. Of course, the big jackpot is paid out at the end of the Challenge and the top three losers will take home the prize money.

Weight loss is a serious issue and tough to pull off by yourself. Two thirds of the US population is overweight or obese and the trend is worsening. The Weight Loss Challenge introduces some fun, camaraderie and sound nutritional advice in an atmosphere designed to help you reach your goal and maintain your ideal weight.

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